Learn the FIT 6-7-8 Story

Fit 6-7-8 exists to bring strength, confidence, and sass into your world. We are here to inspire you to live a life filled with enjoyable fitness in a community of your fellow badasses. We are not here to judge you for where you are, or determine where you should be in the future. All we ask is that you come through the door with an open mind and give yourself an hour to let go of the bullsh*t of the outside.

As you build inner confidence and physical strength through our various dance-inspired workout classes, you will find yourself radiating that confidence outside as well!

No dance or fitness experience is necessary to attend any of our classes. Just follow along and don’t worry if you miss a step or two, you’ll catch on!

If you’re looking for a fun place for a special event, look into booking a private party with us!

Meet the Instructors

Raquel Kahn
Raquel has had a love affair with dance for as long as she can remember. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, Raquel worked for a few years in tech. These jobs paid the bills, but never inspired her. So she decided to pursue a “passion-project;” starting a dance fitness business! Raquel got into the fitness world in 2009. She felt that while gyms were key to good fitness, they did not serve women well, often making them feel small and uncertain. She built Fit 6-7-8 to bridge this gap, striving to give women a safe place to build both their bodies and their confidence.
Lori Siegel
Instructor - Barre/Burlesque
From ballerina to booty buster, Lori has an extensive background in ballet and gymnastics, and has a passion for helping others gain strength, confidence, and coordination through physical activity. She moved from Oregon to Southern California in 2009 for college and to pursue her passion for dance by joining a Burlesque dance group in the Los Angeles area performing for many special events. Lori moved to the beautiful desert in 2014, and is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as Group Fitness Instructor.
Tiffany Gormley
Instructor - Yoga
Dental hygienist by day, Butisattva by night! Movement and dance has been leading Tiffany's heart and soul since age 3 so it is no wonder that after her first But Yoga class, she was hooked and knew immediately she would become a Buti Instructor! In September 2017, healing from a broken arm and a traumatic break up, her journey to get RYT 200 and Buti certified began. Building a community of strong empowered women is her ultimate goal and life's mission. Based on her own experience, Tiffany believes Buti Yoga is the cure we have been searching and could not be more excited to share it with the Fit 6-7-8 tribe!
Studio Dog
Sammy is our wonderful studio dog. His interests include hiking, running, chasing, kibble, and snuggles. You will likely see him trotting around the studio, attempting to distract you from your class and demanding you pet him instead. He doesn’t have much to say but is still a great motivator. Sometimes he dresses like a hot dog...