Class Descriptions

Vixen Workout

“Stay hungry, Live fierce”
Vixen Workout is a dance fitness format that uses commercial choreography and killer music remixes so you can experience yourself as a performer. (Basically, you get to pretend you’re opening for the VMA’s, and perform the moves you see by your favorite artists.)

An accredited fitness program based in Miami, Vixen Workout’s intense Hip-Hop cardio has taken the dance fitness scene by storm. Inspired by moves performed by your favorite artists and the Miami nightlife, this women’s only Dance Workout delivers easy to learn combinations that provide a full body workout and an experience unlike any other.

Each Vixen Workout creates a fun club atmosphere where women can let loose, forget responsibilities, and transform into their “alter-ego” or as we say “getting your Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna on”. Women will be completing intense muscle toning movements hidden by clever choreography, loud music, and fun!

Fit 6-7-8 is the only place in Arizona where you can take this fantastic class! Join the Vixen Army today.

Booty Barre Brigade

Attention! Join the Booty Brigade with this butt-kicking ballet barre workout. This is the barre class you’ve been waiting for, we’re sure of it. BBB is set to upbeat pop music and will get your backside burning in no time. In this class we will combine barre work, resistance bands, stability balls and more. Our instructors have extensive training in traditional ballet so you will learn the proper technique and form for each muscle building movement. Whether you are a seasoned ballerina or a brand new beginner, this is a great fit for all levels. I mean…have you seen those ballet calves?!?


Zumba is a complete dance fitness calorie burning PARTY! Designed for everybody, our spicy Zumba combines all the sexy, flirty and fun elements of latin rhythms such as salsa, bachata, urban reggeaton and much more that will make feel CALIENTE!

Come on, ditch the “work” in workout & join the party instead!

Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga is a powerful blend of tribal dance and primal movements, plyometrics, and vinyasa-style yoga. It is not your guru’s yoga. Buti is for the boss babes! Created by Bizzie Gold, Buti Yoga’s Spiral Structure Technique works to strengthen the deep core muscles in a high energy, dynamic practice. It intuitively blends primal movement with cardio bursts and vibration to tone the body physically, emotionally + spiritually. Caloric burn during this class ranges from 600-900. This practice is transformational from the inside out! All levels welcome. Bring a yoga mat!


A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style dance workout class, Swelter combines bootcamp style strength building exercises, intense cardiovascular training, and upbeat dance moves to get your body moving. Classes will consist of 3 cycles of interval training songs, each dedicated to a different muscular target area. Class begins with a warm up song, followed by a cycle of three songs targeting lower body, upper body/core, and cardio-respiratory system respectively. Then there will be a 2 min rest/water break, followed by another high intensity cycle etc until a 5 min cool down at the end of the hour.

What are some benefits of HIIT cardio like Swelter?

  • No equipment necessary!
  • Burn fat and preserve hard-earned muscle
  • Aids in heart health
  • Challenges you both mentally and physically
  • Naturally increase your metabolism
  • Allows your body to continue to burn calories well after class is over